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Imperial is more than a distributor. With their line of pool tables, Imperial is a long-trusted name in billiards.  Stylish, fun and versatile, their tables are crafted from top grades of lumber. Choose from a variety of cloth colors to match the décor of your home.

Imperial is a family owned business started in 1955 to serve the leisure home market. Since then, we have grown into the largest billiard and game room distributor in the US with our own line of pool tables, cues and pool table accessories.

Imperial pool tables are stylish, fun and versatile our products are crafted from high-quality North American hardwoods including Maple, Ash and Douglas Fir. Choose from a variety of tables styles from Tradition, Contemporary or Modern. Each table can be customized to suit individual tastes and preferences without sacrificing the cuts needed to play an excellent game. Choose from a variety of cloth colors to match the décor of your home.


Home versus commercial pool tables: What’s the difference?

Before beginning your search, it is best to consider the type of table you want for your home.

Recreational or “home” tables are most commonly used in residences due to their relatively lower costs and furniture-style appearance. Home tables are typically made of wood, finished, and sized appropriately to make them ideal for home living spaces. Home tables can sometimes also be equipped with conversion tops, like dining tops for quick transformation to a dining surface, or alternate gaming tops to easily turn your pool table into a tennis table. Another huge perk for home tables is that they can often be paired with matching furniture, like storage benches and bar sets to make a complete game room.

Commercial tables typically appear in pool halls, bars, game rooms, or in professionally played billiards events. Rather than made primarily of wood, commercial tables are often composed of composite materials that allow the table to be more durable and last through extensive use. Commercial tables feature more complex tuning and leveling systems to maintain regulation playing conditions. We recommend commercial tables to more experienced players or those who want to practice for tournament play.