The Softub® spa is a durable, lightweight, revolutionary hot tub that meets your needs for true portability and energy efficiency.

Softub®, Inc., has ushered in a new era in relaxation, offering a go-anywhere spa that is efficient and affordable, with features and technological advances that make it comfortable, safe, and inexpensive to operate. Inside Softub® spas’ deceptively simple appearance is a bounty of technological innovations, including its unique soft-but-remarkably durable wall construction and its ingenious heat recovery system that keeps water at an ideal temperature using only a standard 120V outlet! Softub® Spas are easy to set up—just follow our 1-2-3 process!

A Softub® is proudly handcrafted in America…just for you! It doesn’t come off an assembly line like most traditional spas.

The Softub® HydroMate™ System is the brains behind the beauty! It utilizes the waste heat from the motor to heat the spa! There is no expensive to operate, heating unit. This patented technology allows you to main your spa for about $15.00 per month, year-round, outdoors or indoors! We are quite proud that our Softub® spa exceeds the stringent standards of the California Energy Commission as well as National standards. So while we surround you in comfort…we know you’re saving money.

Today, Softub® enjoys record-breaking growth across the United States and around the world. For example, world-class athletes at the Olympic Games have enjoyed its therapeutic benefits. It has been a recipient of the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award for the Sportster 140 as well as the Legend 220, and Softub® has appeared on the “Inc. 500” three years in a row! As a hot tub value innovator, Softub® is on a roll.