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Our Best Tips for Illuminating Your Pool Table

So you’ve gotten your new pool table home and it’s all set up in your game room only to realize that you’re missing a critical element – good lighting! As any avid billiards player knows, the first thing to consider in a pool table is the size and quality of the table itself. Still, your next consideration needs to be having the right lighting as it can make all the difference in your playing experience. In a future article, we will cover the tertiary consideration – pool cues!

Why Good Lighting Matters

Having the right lighting in your game room is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it improves visibility and allows you to see the pool balls clearly, making it easier to make accurate shots. It can also help create that perfect atmosphere for socializing and relaxing: competitive or relaxing.

Bringing the Functionality of the Pool Hall Home

If you’re someone who enjoys playing billiards regularly, you may have noticed that the best places to play often have well-lit game rooms. This is because they understand the importance of good lighting in creating a pleasant experience for their customers. When searching for the perfect lighting to install above your pool table you’ll want to consider the size of your gaming space and the height above the table you want to hang the lighting fixture. “Throw” is a term that refers to how much area can be illuminated by a lighting source and this is also an important consideration in selecting lighting. 

Typically, pool table lights hang 30 to 36 inches above the playing surface so you’ll want a lighting fixture that is adjustable in height and also illuminates the entire table equally to eliminate shadows and improve your performance when it comes to getting the perfect angle with your cue.

Choosing the Right Bulbs

The choice of bulb significantly impacts the quality of light. Although incandescent bulbs are common, they are less effective for pool tables. Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and LED bulbs are preferable due to their longevity and even light distribution. It is important to ensure consistent brightness across the table to enhance the playing experience and reduce eye strain.

Using Lighting Fixtures to Style Your Pool Table

Venturing into the realm of pool table lighting unveils many styles capable of turning your game room into a visual masterpiece. From the warm, nostalgic glow of vintage and rustic lights over a classic pool table like the Blazer or Wyatt from Legacy Billiards, to the sleek sophistication of modern and minimalist designs Like Legacy Billiard’s Jamie and Baylor tables, the options are as varied as they are stunning. 

Whether you’re searching for a new place to play or looking to upgrade your current set-up, don’t underestimate the impact that quality lighting can have on your gameplay, performance, and style. Consider reputable companies like Legacy Billiards and AMA Entertainment for all your billiards needs – even lighting ideas!  Happy playing!