Space-Saving Ideas For Your Small Billiards Room

For billiards aficionados, the thought of having their own personal billiards room is akin to offering a kid a never-ending supply of candy. However, not everyone has the luxury of endless square footage, so the challenge lies in curating a space that not only fits a billiards table but also maintains the charm and functionality of the game. The billiards enthusiasts at AMA Entertainment recommend following these four space-saving tips to create a billiards room that’s cozy yet functional.

The Right Shade of Table and Walls

Choosing the right billiards table can make a dramatic difference in a small space. Billiards tables come in different sizes so the first step should be selecting a smaller table like the 7-foot Monroe from Presidential Billiards that will fit into your smaller space more easily. Not only will you save space, but you won’t sacrifice on the quality of play. 

We also recommend choosing wall colors wisely. Lighter shades will make a room feel more spacious, whereas dark tones can make a small area feel confined. Mirrors can also create an illusion of space, and using them in a strategic manner can open up the room significantly.

Clever Storage Solutions

Clutter is the bane of any small room. Incorporating storage that not only houses your pool cues and balls but also doubles as a design feature is smart. A wall-mounted cue rack takes up zero floor space, and there are several styles to choose from, such as minimalist metal designs or classic wooden holders. You can also consider custom-made storage systems that fit into the nooks and crannies of your room, like a slim shelf unit that holds your table cleaning supplies and sits neatly against a wall.

Multi-Purpose Furnishings

When every square inch counts, pick multi-purpose furnishings for your billiards room. If you’re in the market for new seating, buy stools and bench seating that come with storage features so everything can be kept neat and tidy without taking up additional space with shelves and other organizational features.

Economical Lighting Arrangements

Proper lighting is essential for any billiards room to ensure excellent game visibility. In a small space, it’s even more critical not to overwhelm the room with bulky fixtures. Modern LED lights can be installed above the table, providing ample illumination without being obtrusive. For ambient lighting, floor lamps are a great choice because they don’t take up valuable floor space and can be tucked into corners. Consider adjustable lamps to direct light wherever you need it most — whether that’s towards the bar, the seating area, or the table itself.

Creating a billiards room in a small area might sound like a tall order, but with the right approach, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds — a space to call your own and a space to play. By being intentional with the design, selecting space-saving furniture, and utilizing optical illusions to your advantage, you’ll not only fit your favorite pastime into your home but also craft a room that’s cozy, inviting, and yours. After all, what’s the point of conquering the eight ball if you can’t conquer space? Go forth and make the most of your mini billiards room!