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Your Guide to Billiard Accessories

Billiards is a popular game that has been around for centuries because it requires skill, precision, and strategy to play. Billiard tables are the main component of the game, but it’s important to know about the various accessories that can enhance your playing experience and our experts at AMA Entertainment are here to help! In this guide, we have compiled some essential billiard accessories and discuss how they can improve your game.

Cue Sticks

The most crucial accessory for billiards is the cue stick. This long, tapered rod comes in various lengths, weights, and materials, and is critical for players to hit the cue ball accurately. It is essential to choose a cue stick that feels comfortable in your hand and allows you to have a good grip. You can also consider getting a cue with interchangeable tips, which will save you the trouble of buying a new cue stick if the tip wears out.

Cue Rack

Cue racks are useful for storing and organizing your cue sticks. They come in various sizes, and can neatly store several cues, balls, and other accessories. Cue racks keep your playing area neat and prevent damage to your cue sticks. Some cue racks also have additional features such as shelves or drawers for holding chalk and spare tips. 


Chalk is a must-have accessory for billiard players. It is applied to the tip of the cue stick to reduce friction between the cue ball and the stick. This allows for better control and accuracy when striking the ball as it helps prevent miscues, which occur when the tip of the cue stick slips off the cue ball during a shot.

Multi-functional Storage

If you have a home billiard table, then a storage bench is an excellent addition to your game room. It provides seating for players and guests while also serving as storage for various accessories such as cues, balls, chalk, and other items. Some storage benches even come with built-in cue racks and shelves for added convenience.


A scoreboard is an essential accessory for billiard games with multiple players. It keeps track of each player’s score, eliminating the need for mental calculations or writing down scores on a piece of paper. Scoreboards come in various designs and can be placed on the wall or attached to the billiard table, just make sure you have great lighting so everyone can see their stats!

Clearly, there are many accessories available that can enhance your billiard game and our team is here to help you find your perfect fit! Visit our showroom to select the perfect cue, tour our pool table selection, and see our other accessories firsthand.